Time for Change.

I started 2020 with a plan, and a list of local shows to apply to. I applied to a couple. I got in to a couple. I put together a booth. I did one show. I was preparing to do another, to apply to do more.

And then, suddenly, there weren’t any craft shows to do. I kept printing, more for myself than for sale, and watched, hoping like all of us that we’d get this epidemic under control to a point where we might be able to safely return to something like normal.

That doesn’t seem like how things are going, especially here in Wisconsin where our ability to take any kind of coordinated statewide action has been hamstrung by the legislature and the Supreme Court. It’s every county for itself.

And then, the long overdue resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Maybe this time some real change will happen.

Certainly, I need some time to adjust for a new long term. Figure out how Washboard Press fits in to the needs of the world right now. Change is coming somehow, and we all need to work for that change, but right now, I’m not sure how to do that with a small collection of technically obsolete printing equipment. Letterpress printing is the slow way to do it. My process is slow, and right now everything seems to be happening fast, fast, fast.

I can’t keep up.

All of which is to say: Washboard Press will be taking a bit of a hiatus while I re-conceive how to do it, and what it’s for. I’ll be back.

In the mean time, keep working, however you can, for the change we need.

Black Lives Matter.

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