New Christmas Cards

Shows 4 new Christmas card designs
The type forme of the base tree

I just put 4 new Christmas card designs up in the store. These cards celebrate different styles of celebrating, from simple to over the top. All four cards are based on the same underlying tree design, which I built using the corner sorts from the “Fir” borders designed by Elizabeth Friedländer for Monotype. In order to print them at a 45° angle to their original design, I used “daredevil” furniture from Springtide Press as an angle chase to hold the block of ornaments in a way that allowed the block to be rotated. I then assembled a second form to print round and diamond shaped ornaments layered over this, with the corner sort from Elizabeth Friedlander’s “Frost” border as the star at the tip of the tree. The combination of these two makes a simple decorated tree to be used as is, or customized with your own text.

From this foundation, I took inspiration from A Charlie Brown Christmas to develop two card designs. The first uses green and gold ink to depict a traditional decorated fir tree with the text “Keep it Real”—echoing everyone longing for authenticity in the holiday season.

Gee, do they still make wooden Christmas Trees?

Linus Van Pelt

The second takes inspiration from the pink Evergleam aluminum christmas tree (manufactured in Manitowoc, WI!) & from everyone who loves to go over the top with holiday decorating. It makes me think think of my grandmother, who used so much tinsel that you could barely tell that there was a tree under it all—it was all sparkle, glitter, and shine.

“Get the biggest aluminum christmas tree you can find, Charlie Brown—maybe painted pink!” 

Lucy Van Pelt

Finally, I wanted a card that highlighted the beauty of the Fir design, and this story about Fred Rogers designing a display window for Hallmark provided the perfect answer.

I like you just the way you are.

Mister Rogers

And there we are! 4 designs, available now.

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