January 2020: New Prints and New Ventures

Hi Friends! I’ve been working really hard all January, producing 2 dozen all-new card designs, including a bunch of Valentine-themed cards, greeting cards, and general purpose cards. Here are a few of my favorites:

See them all in the store.

My other big task for January was getting a display together to do my first in person craft fair, which I did on Feb. 1. Here’s the display all set up the morning of the show:

Ready to go at the crafty fair on Feb. 1

I was very happy with how the display worked out, including the loading in, set up and take down. Extra bonus: it all fit tidily in my Nissan Leaf. Yay for reducing the environmental impact!

One more great project for January: promotional posters for the Wild Rumpus Circus. Their winter show this year has a 1920’s theme, so I looked at a lot of vintage Circus posters and pulled out my best 1920’s type, and put together this beauty:

The shows are this coming weekend, Feb. 8 & 9. Tickets are available at therumpusroom.org. It’s gonna be a great show, and I will have the original letterpress printed posters available for sale after the show, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Wild Rumpus Circus scholarship fund to help make sure kids of all backgrounds have a chance to enjoy learning circus arts.

Lots more exciting plans developing for February, too: more printing! Applying for more shows! Growing the business! Stay tuned!

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