Quarantine Journal

I decided to start keeping a journal about all this on March 14, which was the day before the school closures were announced here in WI. By March 15, I decided to also do a short run letterpress journal, and worked out a format of printing one 8-page quarto folded signature each week, Sunday-Saturday. All hand set metal type. One day/page, and and extra page for a quote or type based illustration each week. In theory, because of how the signatures fall and the size of my press, I set and print Wednesday on Wednesday, Tues and Thurs on Thursday, Monday on Friday on Friday, and Saturday and the previous Sunday on Saturday. In practice I fall behind and catch up Sunday-Tuesday.

I refer to my other journal as I do this, but I’m actually writing on the composing stick. 
It’s a little stressful keeping up with it, but I find setting and redistributing the type back to its cases very calming and focusing. The pattern has me alternating between considering the current day and a few days earlier, which is helpful as some things stay steady and others change so fast.

Just finished printing my third week of signatures. Who knows how many more to go?

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